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Machine tool spindle special balancing machine

Machine tool spindle special balancing machine

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  The company has a registered capital of 5 million and has 34 years of experience. All kinds of balancing machines are advanced in technology. All products can be customized according to the workpiece. The factory has undergone rigorous testing and inspection to ensure the quality of the products. Comply with quality regulations, implement quality responsibilities, emphasize contracts, and re-credit, and provide users with “three guarantees” (guarantee to provide quality products, ensure adequate accessories, and provide good technical services). The product implements “three guarantees” (including repair, replacement, and return).
  For the company's customers, including those who have purchased the company's products (regardless of the three-pack period (12 months), the company can provide technical consulting, commissioning, maintenance, modification, performance testing and other services.
  We will provide you with excellent after-sales service. After the machine is installed and commissioned, we will return to visit every two months to understand the use of the machine. After receiving the user's repair, no need to make an appointment, the city is 24 hours, the province is 72 hours (excluding non-working days), we guarantee that the after-sales service personnel will arrive at the scene quickly, the machine will be repaired to the normal state, the service is not in place or the user is not obtained. With the permission of the signature, the staff member shall not evacuate the site.


  Shanghai Shenyu offers a standard range of ring-driven balancing machines that can balance rotors from a few grams to a maximum of 5,000 kilograms in diameter and 2000 mm. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Shenyi also manufactures special horizontal ring-driven balancing machines that can be used for all types of rotors.
  Shanghai Shenyi's balancing machines are designed, manufactured and tested under the requirements of ISO and customer standards. The company's latest proven technology delivers unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, faster than any other machine on the market.



Technical Parameters

YYQ-160(custom made)


Workpiece mass range(kg)



Workpiece outer diameter range(mm)



Distance between two supports(mm)



Support shaft diameter range(mm)

Φ 18~75


Ring belt drive diameter range(mm)



Motor Power(kw)

1.5(frequency conversion)


Minimum reachable residual imbalance (emar)

≤0.5g· mm/kg  




  The belt belt balancing machine adopts advanced electric measuring system, which has diversified measuring methods, dynamic and static balance, and up to 10 kinds of supporting methods. It can be flexibly customized with de-weighting and reversing. High measurement accuracy, multi-scaling coefficient combination, automatic adjustment of system sensitivity, shift-free jumping, software and hardware double filtering, high-speed data compression, measurement more stable, more accurate, faster
















  Shanghai Shenyi Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a balancing machine, dynamic balancing machine, testing machine, universal joint balancing machine, circle balancing balancing machine, multi-function balancing machine, single-sided vertical balancing machine, drive shaft balancing machine, self-driving The company specializing in the production and processing of balancing machines and special balancing machines has a complete and scientific quality management system. The company's integrity, strength and product quality have been widely recognized in the industry.
  The company draws on domestic and foreign technical expertise, and employs a group of industry elites who have long been engaged in balanced technology research and development through the introduction of talents in the industry. The company has dozens of technicians and engineers. Some of them have been engaged in balancing machine theory research and product development for more than 30 years, which has brought the company's technology to the next level. Every detail and every product it has designed is designed. It reflects the humanized design concept and is favored by the majority of users.
  The company has always adhered to the people-oriented, focus on the development and research of balancing machines, each dynamic balancing machine can be tailored for you. Products are widely used in motors, fans, metallurgy, paper machinery, air conditioning, power tools, textile machinery, plate making machines, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, navigation, trains, automobiles and other fields. Our products are sold at home and abroad and are well received by users.
  The needs of users are our eternal pursuit. Shanghai Shenyi Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is dedicated to serve you!
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